The best PC for your business is the one that's made with your business in mind. SIERRA SUPERTECH offers complete computer systems built to efficiently handle your day-to-day operations without fail.

Software Licensing, Installation & Administration

A software problem at the wrong time can bring your business to a standstill. Hours or even days of valuable productivity can be lost, leaving your clients - and your income - in a lurch. At SIERRA SUPERTECH, we can put a stop to problems like that. From single- and multi-user licensing through complete installation services and seamless administration, SIERRA SUPERTECH can keep your business up-to-date and fully functional with a broad array of software applications. 

  • Microsoft
    The established industry leader in user-friendly office programs, Microsoft applications allow you to take care of business. SIERRA SUPERTECH provides licensing, installation and administration services for the full range of Microsoft applications, including Windows, Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Publisher. 
  • Symantec
    Keeping your data safe, secure and out of the hands of would-be hackers is the driving force behind Symantec's family of robust security applications. SIERRA SUPERTECH provides licensing, installation and administration services for Symantec's powerful software collection, including AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security and Backup. 
  • Intuit
    Accounting and payroll software applications from Intuit help you manage your day-to-day business tasks. As a QuickBooks Pro Advisor SIERRA SUPERTECH provides licensing, installation and administration services for the Intuit software product line, including QuickBooks and QuickBooks Enterprise. 
  • And More!
    In addition to products from Microsoft, Symantec and QuickBooks, SIERRA SUPERTECH can meet virtually all of your software requirements through custom-tailored licensing solutions, complete installation services and seamless administration.


Hard work, dedication, the drive to succeed and a powerful server - that's what you'll find at the heart of your business. The right server facilitates the flow of data, efficiently manages user traffic and maintains optimal network performance. At SIERRA SUPERTECH, we offer a variety of industry-standard servers to meet your needs, regardless of the size of your business. 

Whether you run a small office with 10 individual users or a larger corporate center with 200, SIERRA SUPERTECH has the server-side technology necessary to efficiently manage your critical business processes. Running on award-winning Microsoft applications, a server from SIERRA SUPERTECH ensures all your users and applications are seamlessly integrated through reliable connections accurately scaled to your specific business needs. 

  • Microsoft Server 2016
  • Microsoft Server 2012
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Web/IIS Server
  • Microsoft Server Essentials 2011
  • Microsoft Small Business Server 2011
  • Microsoft Small Business Server 2008
  • Linux Server (Debian and Ubuntu)
  • VMWare ESXi

Custom PCs

With a "Reliance" brand computer from SIERRA SUPERTECH, you get the power you need to get things done right. By working with you to determine the applications you will run and the tasks you want to accomplish on your PC, SIERRA SUPERTECH assembles your "Reliance" computer from the ground up, ensuring you receive a customized PC that's as hardworking as you are.

In fact, the only thing more reliable than your "Reliance" computer is the customer support that comes with it. SIERRA SUPERTECH stands behind every "Reliance" computer we create. That means you get personal service from a knowledgeable expert - not an overseas-based customer service rep who struggles with English as a second language.

And that's the big difference between SIERRA SUPERTECH and the big-box, small-support retailers. We are a local company with real people who understand your business and the work you need to get done with your PC. We don't just deliver your machine and disappear; we back our systems up with the support and service you need to maintain operations at optimal levels.

Your "Reliance" computer from SIERRA SUPERTECH is an industry-leading machine that allows you to take advantage of a full complement of today's most advanced software. You can rely on SIERRA SUPERTECH to provide outstanding support for a wide host of powerful applications, including Symantec, Microsoft and Backup Solutions. And in case anything ever happens to your PC, you have the security of knowing we maintain a "Gold" copy of your Operating System and related software.

Which brings us to another key distinction of the SIERRA SUPERTECH "Reliance" computers. We use quality components to build quality machines. Unlike some PC companies that throw systems together with closeout and surplus parts, SIERRA SUPERTECH is an authorized IBM and HP dealer. That means your state-of-the-art "Reliance" brand computer includes components from industry leading manufacturers like ASUS, INTEL and WESTERN DIGITAL among others.

Peripheral Components

Outmoded monitors, temperamental printers, unreliable routers and other troublesome machines diminish your quality of work and silently leach company profits. SIERRA SUPERTECH provides a wide selection of top-quality, state-of-the-art peripheral equipment to make your job - and your life - easier. Not only can we help you determine what equipment you need, we also handle the installation and maintenance. You can keep your mind on business and let us deal with the details. 

  • Smart Phones
  • Data Acquisition
  • Monitors
  • Printers & All-in-Ones
  • Tape Backups
  • Wireless Routers

Video Security

Security has evolved. Now you can replace your clunky, old-fashioned VCR-based security system with a sophisticated, new Digital Video Recorder from SIERRA SUPERTECH.

Unlike VCR tapes that can scratch, stretch and deteriorate over time, state-of-the-art Digital Video Recording Security Systems allow you to play - and replay - your security camera footage over and over again in flawless, razor sharp quality every time.

What's more, enhanced features like motion detection, audio and email alerts, user paging and remote access expand your ability to maintain a safe, protected work environment at all times.

With a Digital Video Recorder Security System from SIERRA SUPERTECH, you can place up to 16 different cameras and choose between several different monitor views all at the click of a mouse... You can add users and assign levels of authorization to augment organizational safety and usability... You can save recorded security footage with embedded date and time stamps to any format you choose...

And that's only the beginning. Your Digital Video Recorder Security System offers a full range of features and functions to keep you one step ahead of dangerous safety breaches. But the most important benefit it offers is a good night's rest - because there's nothing more secure than that.

Up Front Integrity

All too often, we hear horror stories from clients who were duped by the Big Name bait-and-switch advertising schemes. You know the drill; you see an ad in the paper or on TV for a computer that seems to be too good to be true. Then, when you go to their store, they're either mysteriously out of stock or you're told that you didn't read the fine print and you'll have to make a critical upgrade or buy more software to ensure the stupid thing works. The next thing that happens is a bright-faced, commission-hungry kid tries to sell you a machine that's got half the power at twice the price of the "advertised" special.

These tactics run rampant in technology sales. But we don't play those games at SIERRA SUPERTECH. We believe in offering the best technology at the best price with the best service. That's the bottom line.